thestreameast : CSGO Callouts Dust 2 is the Popular Mapping Game in which many Maps are Available

Every game has a map on which players play the game. The csgo callouts dust 2 is located in the game. Its structure is like a desert land. In this map, the buildings are surrounded every where and also have stone walls. It is mostly in the battle games like Pubg. 

If you want to play flexibly, you must know the map. 

CSGO Callouts Dust 2 

thestreameast When you play a game, you start it. It shows you the number of maps. You can select it by your own choice. In games, csgo callouts dust 2 map is available. People select csgo dust 2 map to play due to its easy features. After the upgrade in 2017, csgo callouts dust 2 is situated in Morocco. 

The map is designed like a middle eastern area, but it looks like Moroccan architecture. Therefore, it is situated somewhere in Morocco.

People use CSGO Callouts Dust 2

There are about almost 150 maps in the game but people choose callouts dust 2 by their own choice. It has the latest updates. People use this map for their easiness. People use it because of its map. CSGO callouts dust 2 map is easy to understand. People would like to play on this map and win the game by a perfect battle. 

CSGO callouts dust 2 is Real Place

Dust 2 is a video game. It started with five wonderful maps. Its map feature is according to the shooter series Counter-Strike. The maps look like a dusty environment based in Morocco. CSGO callouts dust 2 is the original Counter-Strike game and its co-designer is Jess Cliffe. It is only in games. Most games are based on maps. People choose maps according to their choice. Some map names are given below:

  1. Ice Land
  2. Sandy Desert 
  3. Mirage
  4. Train
  5. Inferno
  6. Nuke
  7. Dust 2

At the inaugural majors with cache, Cobblestone, and overpass. It is followed in 2013. 

Versions of CSGO Callouts Dust 2

Callout Dust 2 has many versions. Each version is a bit different from the others. Each version has its features. With time, the latest version comes for people. 

The latest versions are open on different devices like Android, iOS, Laptops, iPods, etc. When Dust has become popular then Dust 2 was created for users. 

Callouts Dust 2

There are many callouts of Dust 2 such as given below:

T Spawn: In this callout, terrorists start playing game rounds here.

T Plat: T plat is a way near T spawn with a scene at T Ramp. 

A Short: It is a very short way for terrorists. Counter-terrorists are very near this area. 

Outside Tunnels: It is quite a big area or an entrance to tunnels.

Upper B Tunnels: If they want to move to tunnel B site then turn left. For mid, turn to rights.

Close: It is a very nice place for counter-terrorists to wait for their victims. An attacker must check all corners for the attack. Different corners are built on different sides

Lower B Tunnel: In csgo callout dust 2, the terrorist moves through tunnels to reach Mid.

B Car: If the player wants to hide then he chooses the B Car and hides behind it.

B Closet: Terrorists enter from the upper tunnels. It is located on the right side.

Fence: It’s a wall on the B site. The player can hide from the terrorist who enters the tunnel. 

Back Plat: In csgo callouts dust 2, it is a good place to hide both teams themselves. This area is behind the planting area.

B Plat: It is the entrance in csgo callouts dust 2 games with a beautiful scene from an upper tunnel.

B Window: csgo callout dust 2 consists of the window on B site that leads to CT Mid. Boxes also help to reach there.

B Default Plant: It is an area in csgo callouts dust 2 to plant the bomb on B site.

Double Stack: It is containing with two boxes on B plant, one over the other.

Big Box: Different boxes are on different sites. A big box is on B site and an analog Xbox is on Mid.

B Back Site: In csgo callouts dust 2, if you look at it from the tunnels, this is an area behind B Plant.

B Doors: It is an entrance to B site from its CT Mid.

B Boxes: It is located outside of B Doors. Sometimes Players of csgo callouts dust 2, wait here for opponents of another team who move from B site to CT Mid.

Scaffolding: Its building material is on CT Mid just opposite from B window. It is a very safe place to save themselves from the attackers or protectors from B site.

Csgo has many other callouts. We will write about it in future. 


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